challanges facing the school


The School is facing several challenges,these includes,

Sitting facilities for pupils and staff this has made the pupils uncomfortable because most of the furniture they are using are very old and unstable,these have been repaired to the point that they can no longer be repaired.

-Pupisl toilet ratio is not adequqte,and this makes pupils take long to qeue for the use of the facility,thus wasting alot of time,in line with sanitation ,we also have shortage for water points where pupils can clean and get drinking water.due to water shortage its also a challenge as we have to purchase water at least twice a week,if only we could have enough storage facility and more areas created for pupils to get water easily.The Nairobi Water disconnected our water in February,claiming that the County Government has their debt of three hundred and seventy eight thousand and that they will not reconnect until the bill is offset.This situation of water is almost getting out of hand as buying water enough for over one thousand pupils for use is too expensive and we cannot sustain it.We hope that the school gets a borehole in future.

-The infrastructure of the school is also a challenge especially the classrooom floors,ceililings that are falling apart,leaking roofs and paintings of the inside rooms.The number of vulnerable pupils from humble backgroud cannot afford a to have breakfast or lunch,this affects their concentration span and health.

-The school has a temporary kitchen that needs a facelift,pupils also face a challenge of where to take their lunch as we do not have a dinning hall,one of our ’WILD DREAMS’is to have a multi purpose hall come learning resource center that would have an ICT room,a Library and a Discovery Learning Alliance Programme.

-we keep praying for aid to come our way ,either from Friends,donors and well wishers,to enable us to "TURN OUR SCARS TO STARS".This will help us make a bright future for the Nation from the GREAT MINDS that we are nurturing.As the phrase goes"A chid is not a vessels to be filled but a lamp to be lit.

spiritual nourishment

we celebrate mass together twice a term opening and closing day

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Educational trips

visited makadara railway station to syokimau using the new train

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