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Welcome to this website,Peter Kibukosya Primary is a Public school in Nairobi kenya in Embakasi West constituency, Umoja two ward.The school started as a sister school to Umoja one primary  but was separated as a stand alone school in 1988.It caters for children from Umoja 2,and mostly its catchment is the surrounding slums from Mowlem,Soweto,KCC slums and Umoja three.We are also taking care of children from war torn countries who come in as refugees from Congo,Rwanda and Sudan.The Children come in with depression because of what they have gone through.Communication is also a problem more so the Congos and Rwandees who speak French and their vernacular.We have taken the initiative to counsell them and embrase them with love,by so doing it helps them get out of stress and as they interact with the other pupils they catch up very fast.

The school is under the Free Primary Education Programme which is the main source of funds though not enough.Due to the fact that most of the parents come from poor and needy backgrounds,they are unable to contribute towards the schools major developments.Majority of our parents depend on casual jobs which are not regular.

The above situation led to the rapid dilapidation of the infrastructure making the school being mocked by the neighbouring schools and the community.This gave the school its nickname "Peter kimkebe"meaning a tin school.This made the discipline of the schoo lgo down and teachers, pupils and parents were all demoralised as no one was happy to be associated with a school that was going down the drain.(Refer to our page on infrastructure)

 Since the beginning of 2015 this has changed as we agreed with the parents to try  and work as a team if we want to save the school.We started by using locally available materials,we also agreed on a budget with the guidance of our strategic and development plan that they can chip in to close the gap.

The positive move and team spirit by the parents has made us change the face of the school and having its glory back,the schools nickname has since changed to "New PK" we are the admiration of the community.We still have a long way to go as we still have enormous challenges as we have reported on our page on challenges that we are still facing.

The school has a population of one thousand one hundred and fifty two,(1,162)552 BOYS AND 555 GIRLS in primary and (55)Fifty five in ECD.

  The folowing is a line up of the transition since its inception to date.

 From 1988-1994 we had Ernest Kinyua.

From 1994-1997 we had Samwel Nganga

From 1997-2008 we had Lornah Maweu

From 2008-2011 we had Johnstone Nzioka

From 2012-2014 we had Mwaniki.

From 2015-to date Francisca Anyango.

We hope  and pray that we shall one day realize our "WILD DREAMS’’ to make us be "THE CENTER OF EDUCATIONAL EXELLENCE IN THE SOCIETY"As our Vision states.WELCOME TO OUR WEBSITE.

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